Megan and Sheldon

Megan and Sheldon

Another fact about me, I’m half Otaku. So when I was approached by Megan and Sheldon we really hit it off! These guys love ANIME! Even more so than me!! With the time that I have I don’t get to watch much, but when I can, I BINGE!!!! Right now waiting on season 2 of “Boku No Hero Academia” ¬†Ok, now the wedding! I just came from Wixom shooting this one with my buddy Davide Anderson. (The dopest photographer in Metro Detroit) and we slayed it!!! With the time we were given I didn’t have to rush through shots and was able to breeze through my checklist. The organizer was awesome and the DJ’s were KILLING it. I’ll definitely be sending business their way. The best part was when we went out for their shoot after the ceremony so they can be in their element. I’ll be posting shots very soon…

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